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Fight to conquer. Conquer to rule. Rule to excel. As rulers, we show respect to our enemy and do not mock them in battle. For to do so is to show the mark of a weakened man, and not a true ruler. -Tidurian
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 Happy Four of Jelly!!!

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PostSubject: Happy Four of Jelly!!!   Thu Jun 24, 2010 2:30 pm

*clears throat, climbs atop a precarious soap box and waves arms about wildly*

LAY-DEES AND GENNELMENS! Shtep ride up to the FIRSS EVAR Florian Lights FOUR OF JELLY carnival!!! We, the drunken shailorsh and general mishcreants of the leadership of the lights have decided, after many drinksh, much arguments, and throwing of things, that we should give you guys... You know... Shtuff.


All you weak little things, We have 6 coconuts for you, in a RANDOM giveaway! You gotta be little. Gotta be kinda weak. Otherwish, it'sh not fer you'ns.

All you NOT so weak, NOT so little things! We have EASTER armor to give to you! WHY? Because I cuddent eat it all myself, that's why.

AND IF you think yer a funny looking... Erm.. Funny sounding? A FUNNY PERSON! We have a joke contesht for you too!!

ALSO! We have Sam the Scribe here writing out the legacy of Florian Lights. We want to hear about a day in the life of... Well... YOU!

Now these folks is only available till MONDAY, JELLY 5th. So's get to crackin your best cracks!

(Disclaimer. Ayistromia is drunk again. Translation: Level 1-19 are considered "weak little things" Levels 20+ are considered "Not so weak and not so little things". Joke contests are limited to one post per person, Random generator contests are limited to one per person, though you may have ONE character entered in each Random contest. You may not win both random contests. Character Description is limited to ONE MAIN and TWO ALTS, 1,000 word limit. All contests end 12 AM July 5th, GMT.)

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Happy Four of Jelly!!!
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